Hair vs. Make-up Days

I thought of this concept while I was getting ready to work the other day, that I definitely have hair vs. make-up days, every day.

So it’s pretty self explanatory, a day where you choose either hair or make-up to prioritize over the other. Days where you want to work hard and spend time on putting your make-up on and scrape your hair back and there are days where you put a little bit or make-up on but really work on your hair. Alternatively there days where you prioritize neither and go full-tramp, or you have 3 hours to get ready.

Some people are blessed with looking absolutely fine on their versus days, a casual look that I wouldn’t be able to create even on my best days; and others like myself have to really decide whether or not to bother altogether.

At the moment, I’m kind of drifting between not bothering at all and my versus days as I don’t have a preference. It’s hard enough dragging my sorry-ass out of bed each morning, and sometimes I will look in the mirror and the state of my hair decides for me. Well if I’m being honest, it always decides for me.

3 Things: A May Wishlist

3 Things: May Wishlist

As many of us do, I browse the internet for clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, socks, whatever I can find really, constantly add things to “My Basket” and forever having the moral war with myself on whether or not to buy them, and then there’s how much I’m prepared to pay for postage. But then there’s the “boohoo have £1 next day delivery, I MUST find something to buy!” situation that I find myself in far too often.

I’ve created a list of the top 3 items on my wish list right now for online buying, and they are…


I came across this brand when scrolling through Instagram, one of my friend’s sister was promoting the brand as, from what I can gather, her boyfriend is the owner of. Then I recently saw my friend wearing these leggings and I absolutely fell in love with them! They look so pretty on and I just want some!

leggings in sizes 6-14 (X-Small to Large) and are £24.99.


  1. Ghost Sweetheart Perfume 50ml from

I absolutely love this perfume, its sweet and lasts a while without being too overpowering. I take it with me at all times and would definitely recommend! I’ve almost finished my current bottle which is why it is on my wish list!

perfume 50ml is £34.00


  1. Studded Back Pumps from in White

I just think these pumps are super cute! As the summer approaches, I need to get footwear sorted and last year a bought a pair similar to these from Everything 5 Pounds and I loved them, they were so comfy and lasted for a while. It has to be said, the insole did come out towards the end of the summer, however this was after a trip to Thorpe Park where my feet were in water on some rides. So I would still 100% recommend!


They are currently in sizes 3-7 and are, obviously, £5. (Also available in Black)

I’d love to know what you think about these products and what’s on your May wish list!

Thanks for reading,

Paige x

Red Hair: The Journey

Like many girls, I wanted red hair, not a subtle red – Ariel red. The Little Mermaid has always been my favourite Disney film, ever since I was little. So I knew that at some point it would happen.

So a few years ago, I did a load of research. Asked my mum if it would be okay, showed her what I’d researched, what products to use, how much they were, where to get them from, etc, and I was ready to go. NinkComPoop‘s youtube channel had helped me so much with all of the information and I was so excited to do it.


So I had the creme peroxide (40 volume) and the L’Oreal Majicontrast for Dark Hair in Magenta Red, mixed it all together and started painting it onto my hair. Now this may be a good time to mention that I had dyed my hair navy blue, black and dark purple before this, all with the Schwarzkopf Live XXL dyes. This is important to know due to the outcome. So I left the dye on for around 2 hours, to make sure it would be super bright and mermaid-y, I was in the shower washing it out and I noticed the bottom of my hair was still pretty dark but there was definitely red dye staining my white bath (oops) so it MUST have worked. I put my hair in a turban on my head, looked in the mirror and saw red poking through at the roots!

I dried my hair without looking at it because I wanted to see it complete in all it’s bright glory!!! And then this happened….


I had bright red roots, and black hair. Yes, I know, what. the. hell. See what I hadn’t taken into consideration was that the peroxide will only take on virgin hair, so un-dyed and natural hair. I was distraught, I couldn’t go out like this, I was so embarrassed, where was the black hair dye to change it back?!

I actually kept it like this for a while, it definitely looked better up than it did down, because I was still convinced that I’d get it to where I wanted and didn’t want to make it harder for myself.


Eventually, I took the plunge and bought a tub of blue bleach powder, basically bathed my hair in it and covered the new ginger-blonde hair in Crazy Colour Fire Red Semi-Permanent Dye. This finally created…. Ariel Red Hair!!


And my god I was happy! It took a lot of maintenance to keep it this colour, dyeing it at least once a week, bleaching my roots, even using dye-infused white conditioner so even when I was washing my hair, the dye was still being put back on. Oh and of course the cleaning of the shower and bath every single time I washed my hair. Basically, the moral of the story is; check how much natural hair you have before starting the non-bleach method, be prepared to bleach your hair, don’t underestimate how expensive having this colour hair is, get a lot of cleaning product and don’t always believe that online tutorials will work on your hair – everyone’s hair is different and you don’t know the person’s hair history! Just be prepared!

Thanks for reading,

Paige x


Hello world!

My name is Paige and i’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 18 years old living in the middle of England, I like to run around fields and sports halls throwing 6ft poles and plastic weapons in the air, hoping to catch them, at the weekends and during the week I am a project co-ordinatior at an interior design company. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I’ve never found anything interesting enough to write about, so it’s going to be trial and error from this point on!

If you had asked me a year ago what I would be doing right now, I’d of said that I’d be at the end of my first year of university and ready to come home for the summer. This was completely incorrect. I didn’t go to university in September, even after the 4 unconditional offers I received, because I was just bored of education. I wanted to get out there and not, what I perceived would be, wasting my time. So instead I’m sat at home after what felt like a year long day at work, typing this up on my iPad trying to string 2 sentences together.

At college I studied sport and exercise sciences which, as a subject, I absolutely loved! But as a college course, not so much.  I didn’t like catching a bus to college, I didn’t like the practical lessons, I didn’t like the subject department head, so it really put me off of going to university where I’d be studying the same thing. So now I work at a small interior design company – which is completely random for me. I was always going to be a P.E. Teacher or a sport scientist or a physiotherapist, so changing that vision has been difficult. However I can feel a new path forming, but more on that later…

Now, when I said I run around fields and sports halls at weekends, I wasn’t lying. I am involved in 2 AMAZING activities that aren’t very well known in the UK; Drum Corps and Winter Guard. I am in the colour guard section (or color guard, in the US), which involves spinning 6 foot poles with a big flag on it, wooden or plastic rifles and metal or plastic sabres, all while dancing around and trying not to hit brass and percussion players. Basically, marching band and NO I do not spin batons and NO I am not a cheerleader. The best way to explain it is to show you, here is a link of THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble’s European Championship performance in 2014.

I have been a part of THE COMPANY since 2014 and prior to that I was a member of Liberty Drum Corps from 2011. Winter Guard is slightly different as the brass and percussion members that I avoid hitting aren’t around (well, they’re in the bar at finals!) and it’s purely the colour guard performing. I have been with Northern Academy of Perfoming Arts since 2014 and prior to that performed with Liberty in 2012.

So as you can see, I am a very busy girl and barely even know what a weekend is! I don’t know what this blog will turn into, or even if I’ll have the time to update it, but we’ll just take it as it comes!

Thanks for reading,

Paige x